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Hi, Im a developer passionate about technology since the first time I met it.

Always searching and researching the new tech innovations and new development-related tools, I strongly believe that creativity, knowledge and method are the keys to an excellence work.

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2015 - 2018

Bachelor study in Computer Science.


2010 - 2013

Technical High School in Computer Science.


WEB course for beginners

"An amazing course, presential and totally free. With six classes that mix learning techniques, competitions and awards ..." is the phrase that introduces the course, designed initially for beginners and students of the UFMG.

Bússola do ENEM

A simple and light study manager that allows you to get control all over the subject, knowing what you already studied, and what you'll have to study.


A simple Android app to force you to get up of the bed. By selecting a specific NFC card (like a bus card), the alarm only stops when the phone recognize the given NFC. So letting the card away from you, you'll be forced to GetUp to deactivate the sound.

Stock Exchange Robot

A simple Javascript Robot based on Simple and Exponential Moving Average to predict stock exchange movements.

Mongo UI

A complete and reliable web interface for MongoDB.


Software Developer at

Contextual data management for life scientists. Allowing you to add meaningful context to your files making them easier to search for and smarter when shared.

Web Developer at

Simplified tool for Management of Customer Satisfaction Surveys via E-mail, SMS, Websites, Applications and Telephone.

Strategy Analyst at Informática Júnior

Junior Company focused on computer-systems products and services, mainly directed to the web.

Full Stack Developer at Teknisa

Company that provides management support solutions with a strong presence in the sectors of food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.



Frameworks and Libraries